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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (30 ноя 1874 - 24 янв 1965) Thoughts and Adventures, 1932

Election memories
My advice to candidates in rowdy meetings is this. First of all grin, or, as they say, ‘smile.’ There is nothing like it. Next be natural, and quite easy, as if you were talking to a single friend in some quiet place about something in which you were both much interested. Thirdly, cultivate a marked sense of detachment from the clatter and clamour proceeding around you. After all, nothing is so ludicrous as a large number of good people in a frantic state, so long as you are sure they are not going to hurt you. In Great Britain they very rarely try to hurt you. If they do, well then it becomes a simple proposition of self-defence. Harry Cust, at a meeting in his fight for South Lambeth, suddenly noticed an enormous man advancing on him in a pugilistic attitude. He took off his coat and squared up to him, whispering to his friends behind him, ‘Hold me back! hold me back!’ Above all, never lose your temper. The worse it goes, the more you must treat it as a puppet show. Qiltivate the feeling of Mr. Punch’s pheasant who, as he sailed on expanded wings from cover to cover, remarked to his friend, ‘I wonder why that funny little man down there makes that sharp noise every time I fly over him.’
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