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Lord Moran (1882—1977). Winston Churchill: The Struggle for Survival 1940-65 (1966)

Part Three. Never Give In
Chapter Thirteen. Fighting Back
August 12, 1953
Arranged with Russell Brain to see the P.M. at No. 10, on his way from Chequers to Chartwell. Winston took us to the Cabinet Room. Smiling, he said:
‘Pray take your seats at the Cabinet table.’ He went on: ‘I am not the man I was, but I have made a great improvement. I can tie my bow now. I couldn’t do that a short time ago. And I can feel now if the razor has done its job. Before I couldn’t feel the stubble. I am less emotional. Of course at times I still blubber.

For instance, when I was told the Germans like me - after all I have done to them. But you would like to examine me. Come to my room.’

...I was afraid that the RM. might underrate Brain. It is easy to do that. He has a first-rate intelligence, but it is hidden behind a rather ordinary exterior. And Winston only glances at the shop-window.

... But Brain thought his stiffness and shortness of breath were largely due to his being out of training. I doubted this.

...Brain told me that Horace Evans had tackled him about the Prime Minister. Evans had said that his patient, Anthony Eden, complained that he did not know where he was: at first the Prime Minister had written to Mr Eden as if everything was at an end and that he would have to take over; and now he is behaving as if nothing had happened.

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