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Thomas S. Szasz, M.D. (1920 – 2012) The Ideology and Insanity (1991)

Essays on the psychiatric dehumanization of man
...In America the history of the systematic efforts by the whites to keep the Negro ignorant is well known. A dramatic example is the law passed in 1824 by the Virginia Assembly that provided a $50 fine and two months' imprisonment for teaching free Negroes to read and write.
...In both situations, the oppressor first subjugates his adversary and then cites his oppressed status as proof of his inferiority.
...This is why the concept of a “normal man” – or, more generally, of life as a well-executed dramatic production – is so elusive.
...Accordingly, the typical agent of socialization is not the critical teacher, but the modern advertiser – not he who clarifies, but he mystifies.

Tags: Об образовании, Рабы, Сас (thomas s. szasz), Социальное

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