April 12th, 2012


What happens when you die?

For the last few thousand years, death has been a very simple matter. Upon death, your assets would be divvied up according to your will. Historically, assets were almost entirely physical — cars, houses, antique tables, jewellery, gold bullion, notebooks, photo albums — but today that couldn’t be further from the truth. Facebook, PayPal, WoW characters, source code, emails, Dropbox — when you die, your entire digital estate will disappear into the ether.

Many online services have policies in place that deal with death very neatly. Yahoo, Ebay, Blizzard, and LinkedIn, for example, will close and delete your account if proof of death is provided. PayPal will close your account, and if there are any funds in the account it will issue a check to the name of the account holder. At no point will your executor gain access to these accounts or any private messages therein.

Things get slightly messier with Twitter, which will provide a copy of all your public tweets and then close your account. When you report a death to Facebook, the account is “memorialized,” which prevents anyone from ever logging in to the account but allows friends to continue commenting. In both cases, again, no one gains access to any sensitive data or private messages.

Google and Microsoft, on the other hand, will furnish your heir with full access to your Gmail, Hotmail, and Google+ account upon your death. Your executor will need to provide a lot of details, including an official death certificate, and the review process can take a while, but ultimately your family will gain access to your complete email inbox and outbox.

In my case, assuming I live to 80 and Google doesn’t fold, this will mean that my children get access to more than 50 years of email — hundreds of thousands of email containing passwords, private communications, and a whole array of sensitive documents.
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Вокруг детских ПОЧЕМУ?

Оригинал взят у rustam_kurbatov в Вокруг детских ПОЧЕМУ?
Идти от детского интереса? Как составить программу курса на основе этого интереса - вокруг детских вопросов. Детских ПОЧЕМУ?

Надо спросить детей: «А что Вы хотите узнать?» Из этих вопросов и конструируем программу курса.

Вот "Почему?" 6 В класса. Список длинный, но я не смог сократить его:

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