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The Dawn of Liberation War Speeches by the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill C.H., M.R 1944

Compiled by Charles Eade First Published 1945
The Future of Poland, December 15, 1944
...The consequences of this recession of hopes of a working agreement between Russia and the Poles have been masked to British eyes by the fact that the Russian Armies on the long Vistula Front have been motionless ; but when they move forward, as move forward they surely will, and the Germans are expelled from large new tracts of Poland, the area administered by the Lublin Committee will grow, and its contacts with the Soviet Government will become more intimate and strong. I do not know what misfortunes will attend such a development. The absence of an agreement may well be grievous for Poland, and the relations and misunderstandings between the advancing Russian armies and the Polish underground movement may take forms which will be most painful to all who have the permanent well-being of Poland and her Relations with Russia at heart.
...We still recognize the Polish Government in London as the Government of Poland, as we have done since they reached our shores in the early part of the war. This course has been continued up to the present by all the rest of the United Nations, excepting only Russia, which is the Power most concerned, and the Power whose armies will first enter the heart of Poland. It is a source of grief to me that all these forces could not have been joined together more speedily against the common foe.
...It would, of course, have to be accompanied by the disentanglement of populations in the East and in the North. The transference of several millions of people would have to be effected from the East to the West or North, as well as the expulsion of the Germans—because that is what is proposed : the total expulsion of the Germans—from the area to be acquired by Poland in the West and the North For expulsion is the method which, so far as we have been able to see, will be the most satisfactory and lasting.
...Another great war, especially an ideological war, fought as it would be not only on frontiers but in the heart of every land with weapons far more destructive than men have yet wielded, would spell the doom, perhaps for many centuries, of such civilization as we have been able to erect since history began to be written. It is that peril which, according to the best judgment of this National Government of all parties, which has so lately renewed its troth to stand together for the duration of the war against Germany—it is that peril that we have laboured and are striving sincerely and faithfully to ward off.
Other powerful States are with us on each side, more powerful States perhaps even than the British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations. We can only try our best, and if we cannot solve the problem we can at least make sure that it is faced in all its sombre magnitude while time remains.

О. Напоролись навсегда. Не прошло и ста лет...
...So far as I and the Foreign Secretary are concerned, we can only repeat what has been said so often, that we will proceed to any place, at any time, under any conditions, where we can meet the heads of our two chief Allies, and we should welcome, above all, a meeting in this Island, a meeting in Great Britain, which has waged war from the very outset, and has risked, without flinching, national annihilation in the cause of freedom.

Интересно, а почему это именно там?
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