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Encyclopedia of Psychology Alan E. Kazdin, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

...Lawrence and Lorsch (1967), for example, found that high-performing companies in uncertain environments differed from high-performing companies in certain environments in their structure and mode of conflict resolution. The former were characterized by horizontal team structures that facilitate coordination across functional departments and by an openness to constructive conflict.

...Institutional theorists argue that managers adopt new management practices to imitate what other firms are doing, particularly in their industry. Resource dependence theories argue that managers are influenced by constituencies in their environment on which they rely for resources (Pfeffer, 1997).

как раз об том же самом вчера у Шмальгаузена...

To the extent to which leaders assume that people are incapable and uncooperative, they control what people do and how they do it. To the extent that leaders assume people are responsible and capable, they rely on people to plan and structure work.

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