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The Dawn of Liberation -- War Speeches by the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill C.H., M.R 1944

Compiled by Charles Eade First Published 1945
...The hard winter could not check the great British-American air assault on Germany and Occupied Europe. Raids of ever-increasing weight brought devastation to the enemy’s cities, factories and communications. Half of Berlin lay in ruins, and with relentless intensity the bombers continued their task of destroying the Germans’ capacity to wage war.

...But far transcending all these mighty events in the minds of the people of the Allied nations was—the Invasion of Europe from the West, still known, despite the many campaigns that were being waged, as the Second Front. Huge forces of British and American soldiers, sailors and airmen, trained and equipped as none had ever been before, were massed in Southern England awaiting D Day, while their leaders, General Eisenhower, Air Chief Marshal Tedder, and General Montgomery, perfected their final plans.

January 20. R.A.F. dropped 2,300 tons of bombs on Berlin, the city's heaviest raid of the war.

February 15. R.A.F. made its biggest attack so far on Berlin, dropping well over 2,500 tons of bombs in 20 minutes.

“ Preparation, Effort, Resolve.” A Speech to the House of Commons on the progress of the War. February 22, 1944

...On the whole, my information—and I have a good deal—goes to show that Hitler and his police are still in full control, and that the Nazi party and the Generals have decided to hang together.

...This also has been of assistance to the Soviet Union. I think these statements should be made in justice to the Western Allies. They in no way detract from the glory of the Russian arms.

...As for the Army, the British Army was little more than a police force in 1939, yet they have fought in every part of the world—in Norway, France, Holland, Belgium, Egypt, Eritrea, Abyssinia, Somaliland, Madagascar, Syria, North Africa, Persia, Sicily, Italy, Greece, Crete, Burma, Malaya, Hong Kong.

...The whole of this air offensive constitutes the foundation upon which our plans for overseas invasion stand. Scales and degrees of attack will be reached far beyond the dimensions of anything which has yet been employed or, indeed, imagined. The idea that we should fetter or further restrict the use of this prime instrument for shortening the war will not be accepted by the Governments of the Allies. The proper course for German civilians and non-combatants is to quit the centres of munition production and take refuge in the countryside. We intend to make war production in its widest sense impossible in all German cities, towns and factory centres.

...An elaborate scheme of bombing priorities, upon which a large band of highly skilled American and British officers are constantly at work, in accordance with the directions given by the combined Chiefs of Staff in Washington, has governed our action for some time past and is continually kept up to date and in relation to our strategic needs and aims. I do not believe that a better machinery could be devised. It is always flexible enough to allow us to turn aside for some particularly tempting objective, as, for instance, Sofia, the capital of hated Bulgaria.

...Our production of aircraft, fighters and bombers, judged by every possible test, already far exceeds that of the Germans. The Russian production is about equal to ours. The American production alone is double or treble the German production. When I speak of production, I mean not only that of aircraft, not only of the machines, but of all that vast organisation of training schools and ancillary services which minister to air power, and without whose efficiency air power cobld not manifest itself. What the experiences of Germany will be when her fighter defence has been almost completely eliminated, and aircraft can go all over the country, by day or night, with nothing to fear but the flak—the anti-aircraft defences—has yet to be seen.

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