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Эрнст Кассирер (1874-1945) Myth of the State (1946)

PART III The Myth of the Twentieth Century
The Influence of Hegel's Philosophy upon the Development of Modern Political Thought
... Nevertheless the question was still in the focus of the general philosophic interest. It became the bone of contention between Voltaire and Rousseau. Now all the arguments used in this contest were declared by Hegel to be obsolete. We need not seek an "excuse," a justification of physical and moral evil. Evil is not a merely accidental fact.

It follows rather from the fundamental character, from the very definition of reality. To separate the positive and the negative pole of reality is arbitrary and superficial.
Nevertheless the old problem of a theodicy is not forgotten. On the contrary, Hegel is convinced that he was the first to see this problem in its true light. According to him we have to redefine the question: we have to discover, behind its religious and theological meaning, a more profound philosophic significance. This was the task to be performed in his philosophy of history. In general history is the development of Spirit in Time, as Nature is the development of Idea in Space.

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