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Encyclopedia of Psychology Alan E. Kazdin, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

LOGOTHERAPY was founded by Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1997), a survivor of four concentration camps.
...Logotherapy sees the situation of suffering as the opportunity to actualize values, including “attitudinal” values, meaning the attitude taken to the suffering. Death is seen as a positive reality, for only in the face of death is it meaningful to act. Without death, everything could be postponed forever.
...Guilt is likewise a necessary component of a meaningful life, for if one is never guilty one is never responsible. By virtue of being human, all people are guilty-not guilty from, but guilty “toward” future fulfillment. In realizing one’s failings, one is awakened to possibilities waiting to be fulfilled.
ну да ну да... стыдно не за то, что натворил, а за то, чего не делаешь...

LOMOV, BORIS FYODOROVICH (1927-1989), Soviet and Russian psychologist.

...Lomov proposed the concept of the active human operator in the multilevel mutual adaptation of man and machine, formulated the category of social interaction (obschenie), and developed the principles of a systems approach to psychology. His work has also been influential in general, cognitive, and social psychology

By studying the problems of interaction between the active human operator and automatic devices under laboratory conditions simulating various life situations, including space flights, Lomov noticed that the joint activities of operators, or their social interaction (communication), is a very important factor in the multilevel mutual adaptation or man and machine. He argued that the category of object-related activity (deyatelnost) cannot explain all the psychological phenomena under observation. He introduced an additional category-socia1 interaction (obshchenie)-which covered a special class of relations (subject-subject). Before Lomov, a human operator was viewed as an isolated simple element in the control system. He showed that a human operator is a complex, highly organized system interacting with other operators. This interaction significantly affects not only the operator’s perception and anticipation of information, but also the speed, precision, and reliability of the actions of all the other operators involved.

...and assumed that mental phenomena are included in the universal interrelationship of the processes of the material world and the unity of diverse qualities of the living organisms. In this connection, he claimed that the main object of psychological cognition is system genesis of the mind, while the main task of psychological science is revealing the laws of the organizational development of integral mental formations at different levels.

ну да ну да... если мысль не часть реальности, то что мысль?

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