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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The Second World War

Volume V Closing The Ring How Nazi Germany Was Isolated And Assailed On All Sides BOOK I Italy Won

...Neither of these ideas reached fruition, but eventually a device called die “Bombardon” was adopted, embodying some of the features of the “Lilo”. It was a cruciform steel structure about 200 feet long and 25 feet high, with all but the top arm of the cross submerged. In the event this device was of doubtful value, as we shall see in due course. I was very well satisfied with the prospect of having the whole of this story presented to the President with my full support. At least it would convince the American authorities that we were not insincere about “Overlord” and had not grudged thought or time in preparation.

будьте уверены, мы здесь много думали и выдумывали чтобы вы там не думали, что мы тут не думали...

This substance, called Pykrecte, after its inventor, seemed to offer great possibilities not only for our needs in North-West Europe, but also elsewhere. It was found that as the ice melted the fibrous content quickly formed a furry outer surface which acted as an insulator and greatly retarded the melting process. Much development work was eventually done on this idea, particularly in Canada, but for various reasons it never had any success.

Three dominating assumptions were made both by the framers of the plan and the British Chiefs of Staff. With these I was in entire agreement, and, as will be seen later, they were approved by the Americans and accepted by the Russians.

1. That there must be a substantial reduction in the strength of the German fighter aircraft in North-West Europe before the assault took place.

2. That there should be not more than twelve mobile German divisions in Northern France at the rime the operation was launched, and that it most not be possible for the Germans to build up more than fifteen divisions in the succeeding two months.


...We visited Niagara Falls on the way. The reporters asked me what I thought of them, and gave the following account of our talk: “‘I saw them before you were born. I came here first in 1900' ‘Do they look the same?’ ‘Well' I replied, ‘the principle seems the same. The water still keeps falling over.'”

The Chiefs of Staff now reported as follows: Operation “Overlord”

(a) This operation will be the primary United States-British ground and air effort against the Axis in Europe. (Target date, May 1, 1944.) After securing adequate Channel ports, exploitation will be directed towards securing areas that will facilitate both ground and air operations against the enemy. Following the establishment of strong Allied forces in France, operations designed to strike at the heart of Germany and to destroy her military forces will be undertaken.

от так от... ударить прям в середку и уничтожить... но только чтобы не больше 15 дивизий...

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