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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The Second World War

Volume IV The Hinge Of Fate (1950) How The Power Of The Grand Alliance Became Preponderant Book II Africa redeemed
Prime Minister to Secretary of State for War 4 Apr 43
As the-war lengthens and the imminence of invasion fades the strain on the Home Guard becomes increasingly severe. Are we making enough of them? Ought there not to be a Home Guard Week or a Home Guard Day?

Ought they not to receive public recognition in some way or other, and be made to feel that the nation realises all it owes to these devoted men, who are our standby against seaborne invasion and descents from the air by paratroops?
награждение непричастных...

2. Another practical way of encouraging them is to give them more ammunition for practice. They take the greatest interest in the practices, and regard them as the measure of the real usefulness of their services.
ну правильно... чем бы дитя не тешилось...

Prime Minister to Sir Alexander Cadogan 4 Apr 43

Talk about a Second Front cannot be entirely prevented, and in any case is not harmful.

Prime Minister to General lsmay, for COS Committee 18 Apr 43

...If it gets about, as I fear it must, that any “Sledgehammer” is off for this year, it should be insinuated that it is part of our cover, and that the real preparations are going forward.

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