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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The Second World War

Volume IV The Hinge Of Fate (1950) How The Power Of The Grand Alliance Became Preponderant Book II Africa redeemed
Prime Minister to Chancellor of the Exchequer 13 July 42
Pray let me have the following information. What is the difference in the yearly pay of a British soldier anywhere and an American soldier quartered is this country? You should take allowances into consideration and give me a simple block figure.

Prime minister to the Minister of Food 16 July 42
Complaints reach me about you new plans for poultry rationing as they affect country-folk. The hen has been part and parcel of the country cottagers life since history began. Townsfolk can eke out their rations by a bought meal. What is the need for this tremendous reduction to one hen per person? Anyhow, the Cabinet ought to have informed.

Tags: Вторая мировая война, Черчилль

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