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Encyclopedia of Psychology Alan E. Kazdin, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

...A good example is the American Psychological Association (APA), with well over one hundred thousand members, including many foreign affiliates and an annual budget of over $60 million. The APA established an executive function devoted to foreign affairs shortly after World War II, when it was a relatively small association. The APA Office of International Affairs and its related Committee Ion International Relations have become a substantial enterprise with a growing budget and a number of projects in international psychology.

...coordination of APA journal subscription donations to the university libraries of developing countries: and administration of a grant program for American psychologists to attend international congresses overseas.


...Political psychologists are focusing on ethnic conflict, which has killed far more than interstate conflict in the last two decades.

Increasingly, however, analysts recognize that collective identities are not given. They can be chosen freely, imposed by others who have the authority and resources to do so, or, as Benedict Anderson argues (1991). socially constructed through interaction with others.

By identifying strongly with a group, people inevitably deemphasize their individual identity, and those with a strong sense of individual identity give less weight to their group identities. Human rights activists, for example, whether they are active locally or globally, characteristically identify less with a particular group and more with generalized norms of individual responsibility. People also generally identify with several groups and, at any given moment, emphasize the collective identity whose importance is salient in a given situation. Which group identity is activated is situationally specific.

Anderson. B.  (1991). Imagined communities (2nd ed.). London: Verso.

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