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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The Second World War

Volume IV The Hinge Of Fate (1950) How The Power Of The Grand Alliance Became Preponderant Book II Africa redeemed
President to Prime Minister 26 Nov 42
...In view of our requirements for the initiation and maintenance of “Torch” our studies indicated that we could not send forces and material to the United Kingdom at this time in excess of that stated by General Hartle. Until we have provided adequately against the possible reactions from Spanish Morocco and are clear as to the situation in Tunisia, North Africa must naturally take precedence.

Note by the Minister of Defence December 3 1942

...2. However, die opinion was held by the American Staffs that the abandonment of “Sledgehammer” and the adoption of “Torch” in fact rendered "Round-up” impossible in 1943, even though retarded. One reason for this was the probability of Russia being so seriously weakened that Hitler could bring back very large armies from the East, thus making the forces available for “Round-up” in 1943 altogether insufficient.

The American military staff thus foresaw their troops being held idle in the United Kingdom, a situation winch the President and General Marshall were anxious to avoid.

ну правильно... а вдруг немцы нападут?

Hardly anyone now disputes the wisdom of the decision to wait till 1944. My conscience is clear that I did not deceive or mislead Stalin. I tried my best.

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