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Howard Earl Gardner (1943-) Frames of Mind (1983-2011) The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

...If our century is any indicator, change will become ever more rapid. There has been as much science in the past few decades as in all human history before. Moreover, the proliferation of new fields and of hybrid fields and the explosion of new technology, most prominently the computer, make it difficult even to envision the scope of the scientific enterprise in the future or the issues to which logical and mathematical talent may be applied. Certainly, scientists will make even greater use of new technological innovations; and it is a rash person indeed who would doubt that, before long, computers will themselves be contributing to the process, not only by solving problems that would be beyond human energies to tackle “by hand” but also by helping to define what the new problems will be and how they ought to be approached.

(Forms of life created by genetic engineering and new robots with personlike qualities may complicate the picture even further.) And perhaps more so than in the past, individuals ignorant of these advances (and of their implications) will be in an unfavorable position to participate productively in the society

Spatial Intelligence
To play chess requires no intelligence at all. Jose Raul Capablanca, former world chess champion

...Brooks consistently found subjects impaired in their performances when they had to take in information to produce responses solely in the linguistic or solely in the spatial domain. But when they had the option of taking information in through one modality and then responding through a non-competing modality, there was no such interference. Just as musical and linguistic processing are carried out by different processing centers and need not interfere with one another, so, too, spatial and linguistic faculties seem able to proceed in relatively independent or complementary fashion.

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