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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The Second World War

Volume III The Grand Alliance Theme of the Volume How the British fought on with hardship their garment until Soviet Russia and the United States were drawn into the Great Conflict Book II War comes to America

It was with heart-stirrings that I fulfiled the invitation to address the Congress of the United States The occasion was important for what I was sure was the all-conquering alliance of the English-speaking peoples. I had never addressed a foreign parliament before. Yet to me, who could trace unbroken male descent on my mother’s side through five generations from a lieutenant who served in George Washington’s army, it was possible to feel a blood-right to speak to the representatives of the great Republic in our common cause. It certainly was odd that it should all work out this way; and once again I had the feeling, for mentioning which I may be pardoned, of being used, however unworthy, in some appointed plan.

The British mind does not work quite in this way. We do not think that logic and clear-cut principles are necessarily the sole keys to what ought to be done in swiftly changing and indefinable situations. In war particularly we assign a larger importance to opportunism and improvisation, seeking rather to live and conquer in accordance with the unfolding event than to aspire to dominate it often by fundamental decisions. There is room for much argument about both views. The difference is one of emphasis, but It is deep-seated.

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