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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The Second World War

Volume III The Grand Alliance Theme of the Volume How the British fought on with hardship their garment until Soviet Russia and the United States were drawn into the Great Conflict Book II War comes to America

Wishing to follow up this most helpful suggestion, I gave him the next day, August 10, a tentative outline of such a declaration. My text was as follows <...> Fourth, they will strive to bring about a fair and equitable distribution of essential produce, not only within their territorial boundaries, but between the nations of the world.

делители мира...

Considering all the tales of my reactionary, Old World outlook, and the pain this is said to nave caused the President, I am glad it should be on record that the substance and spirit of what came to be called the “Atlantic Charter” was in its first draft a British production cast in my own words.

At our meeting in the morning the President gave me a revised draft, which we took as a basis for discussion. The only serious difference from what I had written was about the fourth point (access to raw materials) The President wished to insert the words “without discrimination and on equal terms”

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