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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The Second World War

Volume two (1949) Their finest hour
Moral of the Work - In War: Resolution – In Defeat: Defiance – In Victory: Magnanimity – In Peace: Goodwill
Theme of the Volume How the british people held the fort alone till those who hitherto had been half blind were half ready
Book I The Fall of France Chapter III THE BATTLE OF FRANCE The Second Week. Weygand May 17-May 24

The German tanks—the dreaded “chars allemands”—ranged freely through the open country, and, aided and supplied by mechanised transport, advanced thirty or forty miles a day. They had passed through scores of towns and hundreds of villages without the slightest opposition, their officers looking out of the open cupolas and waving jauntily to the inhabitants. Eye-witnesses spoke of crowds of French prisoners marching along with them, many still carrying their rifles, which were from time to time collected and broken under the tanks. I was shocked by the utter failure to grapple with the German armour, which, with a few thousand vehicles, was compassing the entire destruction of mighty armies, and by the swift collapse of all French resistance once the fighting front had been pierced.

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