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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The world crisis Part V —The Unknown War

The Eastern Front

To Our Faithful Allies and Comrades In the Russian Imperial Armies



The resistance of the Austro-Hungarian Armies was broken upon the entire front and a gulf of 195 miles yawned in the Eastern defence of the Central Powers. Brusilov’s contributory attack, launched prematurely and unrelated, had achieved results far beyond anything dreamt of for the great Russian ‘set-piece’ at Krevo. The Stavka showed itself capable of profiting by the gifts of fortune, and discarding all their long-cherished plans for the campaign, resolved to back the new success with every man and gun their railways could carry to the south. This transference of forces, hampered only by the meagre railways, was in full progress from the 9th or 10th June onwards. Meanwhile Brusilov was advancing. In the month that followed, the armies of Nicholas II, which had hitherto suffered unexampled miseries with patient fortitude, whom their conquerors had almost dismissed from their calculations, captured above 350,000 prisoners, nearly 400 guns, 1,300 machine-guns, and regained a tract of debatable ground 200 miles wide and in places nearly 60 miles in depth.

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