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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The world crisis - The aftermath (1929)

To all who hope


This resolve came with great relief to the Irish secret societies. To do them justice, they were almost the only people in the whole world who were not shocked by the Authorized activities of the Black and Tans. They thought it fair that their own measure should be meted out to them. By the end of 1920 they found themselves extremely hard pressed by the activities of the Black and Tans, who, with increasing information and ruthlessness, were striking down in the darkness those who struck from the darkness. Mr. Lloyd George went so far as to say at the Guildhall Banquet on November 9, ' We have murder by the throat.’

No British Government in modem times has ever appeared to mate so complete and sudden a reversal of policy as that which ensued. In May the whole power of the State and all the influence of the Coalition were used to ‘ hunt down the murder gang ’ : in June the goal was ‘ a lasting reconciliation with the Irish people.’ The vivid contrast between these two extremes might well furnish a theme of mockery to superficial judgment. Actually, however, there were only two courses : war with the utmost violence or peace with the utmost patience. Vast argument could be deployed for either course, but nothing in sense or mercy could excuse weak compromises between the two. In ordinary domestic politics these sharp dichotomies are usually inapplicable ; but when the sword is bared and the pistol pointed, and blood flows and homes are laid waste, it ought to be one thing or the other.

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