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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The world crisis - The aftermath (1929)

To all who hope



Of course the five Great Powers from the beginning to the end settled everything as they chose; and nothing could have prevented them from doing so. But these primordial facts only became apparent and dominant after a prolonged period of uncertainty and confusion. Decisions were taken not as the result of systematized study and discussion, but only when some individual topic reached a condition of crisis. Throughout there was no considered order of priority, no thought-out plan of descending from the general to the particular. All sorts of thorny, secondary questions were discussed and fought over by chiefs who had not agreed upon the primary foundations. There was no mutual confidence between the five Great Powers, and no achievement of a common point of view.

How could any thorny question affecting the main interests of nations, great or small, be helpfully debated by twenty-seven Powers in public ? If platitudes and honeyed words alone were used, the proceedings would be a farce. If plain speaking were indulged in, they would become a bear-garden. Even the Council of Ten, solely composed of the leading statesmen of the greatest Powers and meeting in secret, was too unwieldy.

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