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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The world crisis - The aftermath (1929)

To all who hope



It is difilcult to believe that the European emigrants by whom America has been populated took away with them all the virtues and left behind them all the vices of the races from which they had sprung ; or that a few generations of residence on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean is sufficient to create an order of beings definitely superior in morals, in culture and in humanity to their prototypes in Europe.

The agreements to which President Wilson sought to commit the United States, for which the Allies would be asked to concede many grave things, were to be swiftly repudiated by the American Senate and electors. After immense delays and false hopes that only aggravated her difficulties, Europe was to be left to scramble out of the world disaster as best she could ; and the United States, which had lost but 125,000 lives in the whole struggle, was to settle down upon the basis of receiving through one channel or another four-fifths of the reparations paid by Germany to the countries she had devastated or whose manhood she had slain.

Обязательства, которыми президент Вильсон хотел связать США и ради которых союзники должны были поступиться многими серьезными выгодами, вскоре были отвергнуты американским Сенатом и избирателями. После бесконечных проволочек и не осуществившихся ожиданий, еще более усиливавших ее затруднения, Европе предстояло выбираться из положения, созданного мировой катастрофой, собственными силами; а Соединенные Штаты, которые во всей этой борьбе потеряли лишь 125 тысяч человек, настояли на получении тем или иным путем четырех пятых всей суммы репараций, уплачиваемых Германией тем странам, которые она опустошила и цвет мужского населения которых она уничтожила.

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