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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874 - 1965) The world crisis - The aftermath (1929)

To all who hope



And again, according to Colonel House, (whether at this meeting or at some other is not dear) Mr. Lloyd George said that ‘Great Britain would spend her last guinea to keep her navy superior to that of the United States or any other Power, and that no Cabinet Official could continue in the Government in England who took a different position.'

These matters being adjusted. President Wilson on November 5 forwarded to the Germans the Allied Memorandum accepting with reservations the Fourteen Points as the basis of peace, and informed them that Armistice terms could be received from Marshal Foch. The Germans had therefore a right to claim that they surrendered and disarmed themselves on President Wilson's Fourteen Points and other speeches except in so far as these were modified by the formal reservations of the Allies. They were not, however, accorded — nor were they in a position to request — any share in the interpretation. This left a latitude to the victors certainly wide enough for misunderstanding and reproach in after years.

The French plan, however, did not at all commend itself to Mr. Wilson, It thrust on one side all the pictures of the peace conference which his ambition and imagination had painted. He did not wish to come to speedy terms with the European Allies ; he did not wish to meet their leading men around a table ; he saw himself for a prolonged period at the summit of the world, chastening the Allies, chastising the Germans and generally giving laws to mankind. He believed himself capable of appealing to peoples and parliaments over the heads of their own governments, and he had as we have seen already hinted a willingness to


Но французский план совсем не понравился Вильсону, ибо этот план сразу разрушал всю ту картину мирной конференции, которую нарисовало честолюбие и воображение президента. Вильсон совсем не желал быстро сговориться с европейскими союзниками; он не хотел встречаться с их полномочными представителями за круглым столом; он надеялся, что в течение долгого времени он будет пребывать на самой вершине мира, одергивая то союзников, то немцев и предписывая законы всему человечеству. Он полагал, что может апеллировать к народам и парламентам через головы их собственных правителей и, как мы видели, уже обнаружил намерение пойти на такой шаг.

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