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Encyclopedia of Psychology Alan E. Kazdin, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

BAYLEY, NANCY (1899-1994), American developmental psychologist

She antedated current findings and trends in noting (I) the relation between sitting erect and mental achievements; (2) an increasing influence of both environmental pressures and complex hereditary potentialities on mental development, and showing that under normal conditions environmental factors had minimal influence on intelligence; and (3) types of changes in intellectual performance in adulthood.

BEACH, FRANK A. (1911-1988), American psychologist. Beach was among the leading psychobiologists of his time, especially known for his contributions to behavioral endocrinology and comparative psychology.

Although Beach devoted much effort to studying physiological factors, he opposed reductionism. He was an ardent experimentalist, but his experimentalism was of an old-fashioned, follow-your-nose variety, rather than one based on complex mathematical operations or equipment, both of which he mistrusted.

When he realized the importance of hormones in the control of behavior, and the lack of research on their effects, he explored the area and wrote his first book (Hormones and Behavior, New York, 1948). Together with William C. Young, he established and shaped the field of behavioral endocrinology. Beach believed that hormone-behavior interactions were two-way, with behavioral effects on hormones as important as effects of hormones on behavior.

Young, P. T. (1934). [Review of the book The psychology of pleasantness and unpleasantness]. American Journal of Psychology, 46, 343-347. This favorable review includes a detailed summary of the book’s contents

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