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Alfred Adler (7 фев 1870 — 28 мая 1937) Über den nervösen Charakter Wien 1912

Alfred Adler (7 фев 1870 — 28 мая 1937) Über den nervösen Charakter Wien 1912

Theoretischer Teil

I. Kapitel.

Ursprung und Entwickelung des Gefühls der Minderwertigkeit und dessen Folgen.

From the constitutional inferiority and from situations in childhood that work similarly, then, a feeling of inferiority will develop, which demands a compensation in the sense that the feeling of self-worth is increased. In this process the fictitious final goal attains an immense influence, drawing all psychic forces in its direction. Itself originating from the safeguarding tendency, it organizes psychic predispositions into safeguarding goals, among which the neurotic character as well as the functional neurosis stand out as conspicuous artifices. The guiding fiction has a simple, infantile scheme and influences the apperception and the mechanism of memory. In an apparently hostile world, the interest in one’s own person will grow stronger and the interest in others will dwindle.

да да да... пленных не берем...

примечания к анг. изданию

Gött, Theodor (1880 Munich – 1934 Bonn


<.... > together with F. Hamburger, he was the most influential representative of child psychotherapy within the world of German academic pediatrics. Gött opposed Individual Psychology and Psychoanalysis, as is obvious from a letter to Meinhard von Pfaundler written in the Fall of 1931: ‘It is curious that these people invariably need to make something or other absolute: in Freud, it is pleasure [Lust], in Adler it is power, and in yet another it is the social; and then they use all their detective ability and intelligence in order to construct a confused, forced system around this single principle and they become blind and even blinder to reality in which, in the end, everything is life, movement and flow and not a single atom is ever at rest.’

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