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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (30 ноя 1874 - 24 янв 1965) The world crisis (1923)


October, November and December, 19 14

In consideration of all the harm this ship had done us without offending against humanity or the laws of sea war as we conceived them, we telegraphed: —
Admiralty to Commander-in-Chief , China.
November n, 1914.
' Captain, officers and crew of Emden appear to be entitled to all the honours of war. Unless you know of any reason to the contrary, Captain and officers should be permitted to retain swords.'
These martial courtesies were, however, churlishly repaid.

The Admiral Superintendent, Devonport, reports that the earliest possible date for completion of Invincible and Inflexible is midnight 13 th November. I immediately expressed great discontent with the dockyard delays and asked, ' Shall I give him a prog ? ' or words to that effect. Fisher took up the telegram. As soon as he saw it he exclaimed, ' Friday the 13th. What a day to choose ! '

After his victory at Coronel, Admiral von Spee comported himself with the dignity of a brave gentleman. He put aside the fervent acclamations of the German colony of Valparaiso and spoke no word of triumph over the dead. He was under no delusion as to his own danger. He said of the flowers which were presented to him, 'They will do for my funeral.' Generally, his behaviour would lead us to suppose that the inability of the Germans to pick up any British survivors was not due to want of humanity; and this view has been accepted by the British navy.

The Nuernberg refused to surrender, and as she foundered by the head, the victors could see a group of men on her uplifted stern waving to the last the German flag.


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