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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (30 ноя 1874 - 24 янв 1965) The world crisis (1923)



The needs and activities of the naval aeroplanes in the neighbourhood of Dunkirk led directly to the development of the armoured car, and the armoured car led directly to the birth of the tank, which was in essence only an armoured car capable of crossing trenches.

Other conditions, however, swept down upon us very quickly, and by the middle of October, after the events to be narrated in the next chapters, the trench lines on both sides reached the sea and became continuous over the whole front. Thus at the moment when the new armoured-car force was coming into effective existence at much expense and on a considerable scale, it was confronted with an obstacle and a military situation which rendered its employment practically impossible. The conclusion was forced naturally and obviously upon me, and no doubt upon others, that if the armoured car on which so much money and labour had been spent could not move round the enemy's trenches and operate against an open flank of his army, some method should be devised which would enable it to traverse and pass over the trenches themselves.

The air was the first cause that took us to Dunkirk. The armoured car was the child of the air; and the tank its grandchild.


The first design of the Tank made at my request by Admiral Bacon in September, 19 14, carried a bridge in front which it dropped on arriving at a trench, passed over, and automatically raised behind it.

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